Client Benefits
Through a variety of benefits, we provide excellence for our clients’ experience and personal results.

  • Tailored Sustainable Plan – A carefully designed lifestyle and healing process created by client and practitioner for lifelong change.
  • Conceirge Level Care – Catering to the most discerning clients who expect premium value, specialization, and results.
  • The Ultimate Goal of True Empowerment– We make sure that you move through the program and become self-sufficient as your own lifestyle advocate.
  • Flexibility in Receiving Support, Strategy and Training – The client is ultimately in control of the focus and pace of their program.
  • Coaching Sessions Customized To Your Preferences – We make sure our coaching blends into your schedule by using communication that fits best into your life, be it via in person, phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  

Client Offerings
We offer three exclusive series to help you become your best self:




A journey of self-exploration and greater awareness, we begin by taking an in-depth look at your past and current lifestyle habits, motivators, and outcomes. During this phase you will discover what is most important to you, and how to use this to create a fulfilling lifestyle.  

Whether healing from a chronic illness or navigating through everyday stress, you and Christine will co-create your path and begin your six-month journey to a happier lifestyle change. Lifestyle sessions are typically divided into a weekly and bi-weekly focus on core lifestyle values, functional nutrition and movement sessions, depending on the needs of the client.

Additional services from The Lifestyle Team are provided with The Empowerment Series to enhance your journey to a higher level of whole wellness. The Empowerment Series establishes a solid foundation for lifelong behavioral change.

Tailored for medical professionals, this series is designed to enhance your approach to patient care and increase sustainable positive outcomes. As a physician with a specialty, your expertise is unsurpassed and your functional focus is to diagnose the root causes of disease.

To support and compliment your patient’s care, as a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP), I use epigenetics mastery, functional nutrition and the art of counseling to bridge the gap between your patient’s diagnosis and their daily living. Working functionally with your patients in a therapeutic partnership, we use a specific system to shift their inner terrain in order to promote sustainable healing.

This physician – FNLP partnership has proved to be successful with the professionals on our Lifestyle Team and we are happy to expand this service to other medical professionals.







The Essential Series is a two-part case review that uses functional nutrition to target your primary health challenge.

During each power session, we will immerse ourselves in your life’s timeline and create a detailed nutritional matrix based on your body systems. We will address genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors while exploring these systems and how food affects your unique physiology and anatomy.

A comprehensive action plan is created with detailed recommendations including all lifestyle factors and potentially holistic supplementation or natural treatments. Functional lab testing may also be recommended. A client with a chronic health challenge may prefer this series, because it is a good way to start to “connect the dots” to  the root cause of their health challenge.  

Other Offerings



Treat yourself, friends, family, employees or coworkers to a well deserved escape! Bring your tribe together and immerse yourselves in a rejuvenating experience centered around mindfulness and positive lifestyle change.  

This customized mini retreat can feature your holistic topic of choice, best-practices for yoga, meditation and mindfulness, as well as strategies for invoking a simple lifestyle, and vibrant change. Learn how to live, eat and play well!

The movement segment of your journey may begin with fundamental poses and flow into a restorative practice, ending in a beautiful bath of sound healing meditation. Duration typically ranges from 2 – 3 hours.

Whether at your office or home, the ocean, a park or rooftop, all of our Couture Experiences are created to your specificity. The best part is CFL will bring the retreat to you!  

What do yoga, mindfulness and teens have in common? 

An experience full of laughter and fun while instilling new found confidence and empowerment in your daughter or son’s life.  Christine has a soft spot when it comes to helping youth!

She teaches them how to pause, breathe, and enjoy being exactly who they are! Christine loves spreading a little mischief in her teaching so be forewarned that mindfulness and laughter go hand in hand.

This Series uses yoga, meditation, and journaling to teach the power of mindfulness. Students gain more confidence and awareness of their inner super powers! Private and small group sessions are available. 

Youth Yoga




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The first step to creating the life you want is making the decision to change it!
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