Client Stories

– JEFF, healthcare executive

– BILL, entrepreneur

– SONYA, paralegal

“After learning about healthy lifestyle and nutrition principles, I was able to lose several dress sizes, but more importantly, gained a new level of overall self-confidence. I now look at myself in a more compassionate light.”

Christine’s warm and vibrant personality is something that helped open me up to finding a holistic lifestyle; she is a perfect example of healthy balance. Her encouragement, time and investment in my well-being helped me understand that I don’t need to be perfect to be healthy or happy. She shared invaluable knowledge with me which brought me a feeling of empowerment and in turn started my journey to a healthier way of being. All of this positive energy has helped improve my personal life and translates into the work I create as an artist!

– JENNIFER, artist

“From when I started, to where I am today, I have been able to change the way I approach life’s challenges. When I begin to worry about the little things, I reframe the situation and focus on the big picture. I grew to understand the power of being mindful and enjoying life as it happens!“

Surprising, the biggest impact Christine made was regarding the mind-body techniques, which I really needed during this time in my life. I was learning how to de-stress and integrate healthier nutrition, so I could fulfill my personal dream of starting a family. Reframing my thoughts has given me a powerful new perception of my inner strength and happiness. It can truly create a miracle. And it did!

– ANITA, mom-to-be

“Christine tailored every session to make sure I was getting the most out of my exercises for both my mind and my body. She listened to what I wanted and had no agenda of her own. I enjoyed her thoughtful, and yet impactful approach.“

It was the most amazing experience but not because I received the results I wanted but because I worked with someone as special as Christine who truly knows how to listen to individuals and what they want to achieve. She is a true professional and a friend. I owe her more than a healthy lifestyle, I owe the power of never giving up. Thanks Chris!

– ASHLEY, bride-to-be

“Christine’s knowledge of functional nutrition not only helped me to exceed my fitness goals, but allowed me to achieve more restful sleep and learn how to de-stress during business travel.”

The diverse programming of my sessions and focus on full body conditioning had improved my tennis game and long distance training. Christine’s emphasis on proper techniques made my  exercises infinitely more effective. I appreciate the precise instruction, her creativity with me and my love of ALL foods and her highly contagious enthusiasm! 

– KARL, corporate v.p.

“Working with Christine was a powerful jump-start to me transitioning into a happier and healthier life. I learned new strategies to eating healthy, whole foods as well as overall self-care.”

I’ve tried multiple types of programs and classes in the past; however, it was frustrating to not see consistent or long-term results. Within the first few months of working with Christine, my energy level increased, clothes were fitting better and arms were more defined.

I liked the convenience of training at home, in the gym or outside, as well as the constant variety and intensity of each session. As a former athlete, I am competitive and Christine kept me motivated and challenged each time we met. I am excited to say I have kept off the weight for over a year now and feel fantastic!

– LYNETTE, former athlete

“My lifestyle plan was created specifically for my personality, blends into my busy life and most importantly keeps me centered!”

Besides wanting to build core strength and tone my body, I wanted to focus on self care and lowering my stress. Christine’s lifestyle concepts helped me not only exceed my physical goals but showed me how to live a more soulful and fulfilling lifestyle!

Learning about functional nutrition was life changing! I learned to incorporate new, healthier foods that kept me from crashing during the day. I’m always on the go so it was important for me to have simple to prepare meals that kept me feeling energetic. 

I lost a dress size and 6 3/4 inches! I’ve maintained by new body and kept up my healthier, more mindful habits for over two years now. It has been an inspiring journey – Thanks Chris!

– TAMMY, realtor