The CFL Difference

A Couture



Why couture?

Like a hand-sewn custom Valentino gown or the sharpest bespoke suit, we invest the utmost care and attention to detail to create a distinctive roadmap for your healing journey that’s designed to “fit” you.

Each roadmap is as unique as your fingerprint!

An ally who is with you every step of the way! Together we are on an intimate journey that travels through challenges, victories, and defeats. We are going to get our hands dirty throughout the process.

Change is not easy. It’s sometimes painful. With a strong leader and educator who is empathetic to your journey, you will gain not only the knowledge to succeed, but the confidence to do so!

An Empowering Partnership

We Honor Your “Why”

We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved in your personal life on a professional level.  There will be no judgement in our relationship.

Since we are genuinely interested in your well being, we respect “your story” and your strengths, emotions, and concerns that go with it!

Working functionally goes far deeper than knowing the latest super foods, dietary theories and preset protocols. A functional approach to nutrition incorporates:

  • Root Cause Resolutions – We are not chasing your symptoms!
  • Solid Systems and Tools – Bio-individuality and epigenetic mastery are our focus!
  • Therapeutic Partnerships – It takes a deeper relationship to work on deeper issues!

We work functionally!

A Concierge Service for Your Life


As an integrative and functional wellness practitioner, Christine acts as your personal lifestyle advocate whether working closely with her in-house Lifestyle Team or aligning with your physician, specialist or other health care professional. 

Christine is dedicated exclusively to your unique journey.  She implores her clients to ask for her assistance when needed, whether it is once every two days or three times in a day. Each day brings new challenges when creating daily habits!

Personally Invested

A Researcher 

Christine and the team will save you time! There is too much information in the health, wellness and nutrition space and most of it controversial or potentially harmful. All day, every day, we seek out and find new ways a client can skillfully and safely progress towards vibrant health!

Check out our Resource Center that is carefully curated by the team to provide credible information, recommended lifestyle products and professional grade supplementation.

“As an entrepreneur, being organized is essential for both my international business and personal life. I have my accountant, my financial advisor, my hair stylist and now YOU [Christine] for my lifestyle!

My life is changing in front of me and I love what I see!”   

– Denise, client

“I fill the gap between your diagnosis and daily living.

Together, let’s cultivate a space to not only heal, but to allow you to LIVE YOUR JOY!”

– Christine, CFL Founder     

Here are just a few ways of how our concierge level of service can make an impact on your journey:

  • A personal consultation with your physical therapist and acupuncturist – let’s all work together to streamline your care!
  • Living a diabetic and candida free life doesn’t mean denying yourself, Christine will find you some fabulous sugar free desserts!
  • Wanting to get pregnant, but you are too stressed? Christine will work with you to develop a way to let go of stress. De-stressing helps with infertility!
  • Have digestive challenges and you need a creative way to absorb your nutrients? Let the team introduce to you transdermal therapy.
  • Redesigning your kitchen for optimal success? Let the team teach you how to reframe your thinking about cooking and nurturing self care!
  • Do business lunch meetings stress both you and your gut out? Christine will work with you to create your top three go-to customized menu choices, allowing you to focus on business.