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We are currently surveying interest for a new Mental Wellness Series! 

In the meantime, enjoy DEEP STRETCH with Christine

Wednesdays @ 4:00 PST | 7:00 EST

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In my heart, I feel drawn to help during this time. My focus is to lower the heightened stress, anxiety, depression, and overall sense of uneasiness that is prevalent today due to this pandemic. It affects us all in some way.

Drawing on the power of connection, community, movement, functional medicine, and most important —-the empowering impact of our own breath to ground us when we need it most. Don’t know if you’ve heard the quote from Robert Frost – “The only way out is always through it”.

So, let’s move through it together, because together we are stronger!

My Why

Yoga for Wellness

New class times coming soon!

Just as yoga is a fluid and organic idea that’s constantly reshaping itself, each class is a discovery. With a heart-centered approach, this class focuses on breath, strength, inner core, anatomy and finding your edge in the poses through play and using props creatively.

Yoga for Wellness is a blend of somatic, therapeutic and functional influences integrated with lifestyle medicine and the science of positive psychology for vibrant change.

Whether you’re 20 or 70 yrs. old, if you want to strengthen and lengthen your body, this class is for you! Bring your curiosity and an open heart. All levels are welcome.

For those of you who want to get your “stretch on” in a creative, intuitive and mindful way! Mindful movement is a fusion of  deep stretch, restorative yoga and functional movement. Immerse yourself in gentle, therapeutic movement patterns, while focusing on flexibility, mobility, body awareness and the power of your breath.

This practice is a beautiful complement for either an active body who is always on the go — to an individual who wants to focus on relaxation as their sport! All levels welcome.

Mindful Movement

New class times coming soon!

Yoga for Healing:

8-week Chair Yoga Series

New class times coming soon!

Slow down and enjoy dropping into your calm while exploring your body, mind and heart through small and gentle movement patterns. These concepts will help retrain the brain and calm the nervous system.

Learn simple ways to create more freedom of movement in your body and a feeling of peace in your heart. You will primarily be using a chair for your practice or as a prop if standing. Any supine relaxation segment can be done on a mat or on your bed; however, the option to stay in the chair will be provided.

Whether you have a limited range of motion or just prefer a gentler practice, our Chair Yoga Series is for you! No yoga experience needed. Will modify for any chronic health conditions. All levels are welcome.

Questions? Text or call me at 404.438.8700 or email [email protected]

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